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These photographs were created over the last several summers using a Nikon D70 mounted with a PC Nikkor 35mm shift lens, which was originally designed for architectural work before the advent of digital photography. Each work is made from a series of up to 13 exposures stitched together in Photoshop with its photo merge function. The result is a final image data data size that is over 330% larger than a single exposure. This allows razor sharp prints to be created at 20" X 20." More interesting is the fact that a 35mm lens on a D70 is effectively a 50mm frame due to the small ccd, however when its field is extended through this process, the focal length stays the same, but the field of view becomes that of a wide angle lens with out the distortion. Other unique values of Nikon's 35mm PC lens is that it stops down to f 32, giving it an extremely deep depth of field and it can focus down to 30cm--about 1 ft. This gives these photographs a special image quality that can't be obtained any other way.

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Beauty and Summer Fire

Locke's Hydrangea

Bridal Bouquet 2011

Wood Asters

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